hai long time no see

hi my dear :) i miss you a loooot i'm so sorry i cant type anything couldnt type as much as usual bcause i'm so busy with school stuff -__- they were little bit suck hahaha :D LOL i'm joke but yeah it spent a lot of my free time my daily -__-
oh ya i'm already taken by someone :) dylan? passed, danyang? i'm so sorry dan, and now him i hope and wish i can be long lasting with him oh dear hahaha it's so funny
oh ya two days later i'll get my report -_-- fck man i cant guess how is my score i cant get it as well, i'm so ridiculous fiuh i'm on my bad man in this 2nd semster bcause it was going boring not fantastic like in the 1st smester hahaha but TetraArmy i heart youuuu :*
many stories i wanna type but maybe not now later i'll post it i promise ;)